List of UK rehabs

A guest in early recovery for alcohol addiction helped me achieve something that would have taken me an age to do alone, so thank you my friend.

Quite simply, it is a list of rehabs we have managed to find in the UK that provide treatment for addiction.  We will continue to add content as and when we have time/resource but if you can HELP with content and would like editing rights then please send me a DM.

Click this LINK to access the information gathered so far.

In the meantime, please share this.  It will definitely help those seeking help with addiction make an informed decision as to what is the best solution for their needs (location, approx cost & direct links to each rehab). 

I recall having no idea where to start.  I knew the priory and my GP knew of 1 in Scotland.  Luckily, I got the correct 1 and that gave me the tools to achieve what I have to date.

Always happy to talk to anyone (addict or family/friend) about my personal rehabilitation experience & subsequent after care.

It is key to remember there are a significant number of private rehabs across the United Kingdom.  They are all unique.  And you and your recovery journey are too.

The whole team ask you to share or tag your U.K. GP Doctor so at least they have access to it for others.

Thank you.