dryHOLIDAYS is a unique and special place for those who have faced addiction or supported someone's dependency. Here, you'll surround yourself with likeminded people who relate to you and your journey of sobriety and abstinence, because they're on it, too. 

If you're in recovery, or you're the family member, partner or friend of someone who has faced addiction, come and join us on an unforgettable journey, hosted by a team who have all faced their own challenges with addiction in the past.

Contact us for more information so we can arrange a dryHOLIDAY at one of our properties in Tenerife, Spain or Stirling, Scotland

James (English):   WhatsApp  +447966169530 

Tony (English & Spanish):  WhatsApp +447816219083

Suzy (English, Spanish, Italian, German & French):  WhatsApp +34620757254

Why Dry Holidays?

James is a recovering alcoholic, and opened dryHOLIDAYS in 2021.  

He believes living with addiction is hard enough – for the addict and their loved ones – so why not make recovery truly enjoyable? For him, that means holidays. Dry Holidays are all about fun, meeting new people who are on the same path, and exploring new places, just without the need for alcohol, drugs or other addictions.

Addiction has a huge effect on the families of addicts, and James’s focus is on positive and inclusive experiences for everyone involved in recovery.


"my goal is to ensure every single day must always be better than the days I had on my false fuel as an alcoholic.  Travel was, and remains a huge part of my professional and personal life.  I am incredibly proud to be living proof that an enjoyable life after rehabilitation is absolutely possible"